AP Exam Registration Information

AP Exam Registration Information

Dr. Gary Haber shares the College Board is requiring students who are enrolled in fall semester or yearlong AP classes to register for the corresponding AP exam in the fall.[1]  Students/Families  must complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to My AP using their College Board student account login. This is the same login used to access AP scores, PSAT/NMSQT scores, or register for the SAT.

a.       Students who do not have a student account are to click the “Create Account” button.

b.       Follow the steps to join AP section online using the join code provided by their AP Teacher/AP Coordinator.

  1. Complete the Family Income Inquiry Form. Families should complete the Family Income Inquiry Form. Students may be eligible to take the AP exams at no cost.  The regular price is $94 per exam. 

3.       After students have joined their class sections in My AP they will be registered for the corresponding AP exam. If a student does not want to sit for the exam they can de-register via the following  link: De-Registration for AP Exams.

i.      There is no requirement that students enrolled in an AP class sit for an AP

ii.     Exam fees will be collected via electronic payment at a date to be determined.   Students who have registered for AP examinations will receive an email with instructions on how to pay for the AP Examinations.  The collection of the AP fees from students/families is the responsibility of Stuyvesant High School and is independent from the College Board registration. No AP exam fees will be collected at this time.

4.     Please note: Stuyvesant students are eligible to sit for up to one (1) AP exam (except for AP foreign language exams, AP Music exam) for which they are not currently enrolled in the AP class if the following conditions are met:

a.       There is room for additional test takers (determined by the AP Coordinator).

b.       You have the approval of the Department Chair/Assistant Principal.


[1] Students who wish to sit for single term AP exams which begin in the spring term (AP Physics C E&M, AP Macroeconomics, AP US Gov & Pol and AP Comp Gov & Pol, will have an opportunity to sign up for the aforementioned exams beginning February  2021.


Students enrolled in Honors Physics were told that they could sit for AP Physics 1 without it counting towards the one AP exam waiver request. Stuyvesant High School will honor our commitments. Below please find the join code for the AP Physics 1 exam. If you want to sit for the AP Physics 1 exam, log in to My AP  today or tomorrow and register. You will be placed in the exam only section. You will also be able to access the resources the College Board provides students enrolled in AP Physics 1. This offer applies to the AP Physics 1 exam only and not the AP Physics 2 exam. This offer is for juniors only. Students of the class of 2022 received the join code in their email from Dr. Haber.