Graduation Requirements

Term 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Social Studies Global 1 Global 2 Global 3 Global 4 US 1 US 2 Government * Economics *
Mathematics Geometry 1 Geometry 2 Algebra 2 / Trig 1 Algebra 2 / Trig 2 Precalculus 1 Precalculus 2 Math Year Four 1 Math Year Four 2
Science Biology 1 Biology 2 Chemistry 1 Chemistry 2 Physics 1 Physics 2 Science Elective 1 Science Elective 2
English English 1 English 2 English 3 English 4 English 5 (Core) English 6 English 7 (Core) English 8
Foreign Language Language 1 Language 2 Language 3 Language 4 Language 5 Language 6
Physical Education Phys Ed 1 Phys Ed 2 Phys Ed 3 Phys Ed 4 Phys Ed 5 Phys Ed 6 Phys Ed 7 Phys Ed 8
Misc Art * Music * Computer Science 5 Tech Health Drafting 10 Tech 1 10 Tech 2

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If a rule is already fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled, the green, red, and yellow represent whether you've already fulfilled it or not.


These courses fulfill this requirement

You need to only take one course in a rule to fulfill the rule

    Course ID Course Name
    APS11 Painting
    EES86QAC Eng6 Acting
    EES86QCN Creative Nonfict6
    EES86QHA Eng 6 Asian American Lit
    EES86QPW Poetry Eng6
    EES86QWW Writers Wksp Eng6
    EES88CEE Existentialism Eng8
    EES88QAC Eng8 Acting
    EES88QCN Creative Nonfict8
    EES88QPW Poetry Eng8
    EES88QSF Science Fiction Eng8
    EES88QSL Shakespearean Lit Eng8
    EES88QWV Women Voice Lit Eng8
    EES88QWW Writers Wksp Eng8
    HLS11QCV Civil Law
    HQS11QMC Modern China
    HRS11QGP Geopolitics
    HRS11QMC Modern China
    HRS11QNY New York City History
    HSS86QJI Regeneron Research: Social Sciences
    HTS11X AP Comp Gov
    HVS11X AP Us Government And Politics
    MKS11QAI Artificial Intelligence
    MKS66C Computer Graphics
    MQS81QJ Math Research 1
    MQS86QJI Regeneron Research: Mathematics
    MQSXXQ Math Team
    PHS11QF Freshman Health
    SBS11QAB Animal Behavior
    SBS11QCR Cancer Research
    SBS11QHD Human Diseases
    SBS11QHG Medical Human Genetics
    SBS11QHI Hospital Internship
    SBS11QME Medical Ethics
    SBS11QNS Nutrition Science
    SCS11QCA Advanced Chemistry Lab
    SCS11QCH Advanced Topics In Chemistry
    SES11QGE Geology
    SES11QUE Urban Ecology
    SFS11QFS Forensic Science
    SQS86QP5 Science Olympiad
    SQSXXQP5 Science Olympiad
    ZZ No Course
    ZZP No Preference


No restriction