Int Us Govt And Politics 2 Of 2

Course Name Int Us Govt And Politics 2 Of 2
Course ID HES11QG
Department Social Studies
Subject Economics
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 1.0
Special Permission No
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      AP US Government and Politics Integrated with Economics
      Who should take this course?
      Seniors who are interested in politics, current issues and government. 
      What will we be studying? 
      This course deals with the dynamics of politics in America. We will be studying the American political system at the national, state and local levels. Included will be a study of lobbies, forms of political participation, elections, political parties, and national political institutions: The Presidency, The Congress, The Judiciary. This course will also cover all of the topics covered in the stand alone Economics course and satisfies the Economics requirement needed for graduation. 
      What will be expected of me? 
      You will be expected to read a complete college level textbook. You will be expected to participate in discussions, complete reading and writing assignments, and take the AP US Government and Politics exam in May. 
      How is the course taught? 
      The course is taught through class discussions and debates. Current events, simulations, and films will be included over the course of the year. 
      What are the completion requirements? 
      This is a full year course. In order to receive credit for both US Government and Economics, students must complete both semesters. Students are also will to take the AP US Government and Politics exam in May. Details and pre/co-requisites: Students should have a minimum Social Studies average of 85%.