Course ID TMS11QD5
Department Technology
Subject Machinist / Machine Technology
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 1.0
Special Permission No
  • One of the following is true:
    • Student is in 12th grade
    • Student is in 11th grade
  • Fulfills the following graduation requirements
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    Who should take this course?
    Students who are interested in creating “wearable art,” through design and scientific application. This course will satisfy the five (5) period Technology requirement or as an unprepared elective.

    What will we be studying?
    We will be studying areas which will enable you to create well designed and executed jewelry objects. You will learn fundamental jewelry processes necessary to create these objects, as well as the tools, equipment, and materials which are employed in their completion. This will entail the design and fabrication of metals, woods or plastics through sawing, drilling, shaping, soldering, enameling, engraving, casting, etc.