Course ID SBS11QNS
Department Science
Subject Biology
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Periods per Day 1.0
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    • Student is a 10th grader or is older than a 10th grader
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    The aim of the course is to provide a basic knowledge of nutrition to help students understand the following: The importance of nutrition at all stages of the life cycle in health and disease. How nutrition information, given on the news, food labels, popular magazines, etc., applies to them. Students will be able to distinguish between misinformation and scientific nutrition, answer questions pertaining to ethnic diets, eating disorders, nutrient supplements, vegetarian food safety, food fads, etc. Students will be able to assess the adequacy of meals by determining the quality and quantity of nutrients meals provide and to compare this with recommended dietary allowances and food pyramids. Topics will include Metabolism, Energy Balance, Weight Control, Nutrition during the life cycle (newborns, teenagers, adults), Nutritional Needs of Athletes, Nutritional Diseases, Food Safety, Herbal Remedies and more.