Course ID SBS11QMD
Department Science
Subject Biology
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 1.0
Special Permission No
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    • Student is a 10th grader or is older than a 10th grader
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    This course will integrate concepts in general biology and chemistry with the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Topics include trauma, medical emergencies, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms of disease and neurological disorders. Students will play doctor/patient scenarios to diagnose diseases. The taking of medical histories and physical examinations are learned together and separately. The use of medical equipment during medical exams and the interpretation of laboratory analysis of body fluids will be discussed. The course is divided into three units:
    1) INTERVIEWING - the health history, important symptoms and assessment of mental status
    2) BODY SYSTEMS - relevant anatomy & physiology in understanding the reasons for the symptoms
    3) TECHNIQUES of physical examination with care given to medical events & clinical thinking
    The course is composed of class discussion, group work where students diagnose medical problems and human labs where students practice their skills under teacher supervision. Students will complete 4 papers and a group project. There will be several examinations including a practical skills assessment. This course is designed for students who want a general overview of human health.