Course ID SBS11QGR
Department Science
Subject Biology
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 1.0
Special Permission No
Eligibility No restriction
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The student goals of this one-term course are to:
Explore the study of heredity across species
Become proficient in the practice and interpretation of classical genetic analysis
Connect classical genetic studies with modern genomic approaches
The Central Question: What's up with DNA? Some history -
Genetics was initially a study of traits that are passed from generation to generation.
Farmers and breeders were really the first geneticists. Why do you think so?
Mendel's studies led to a curiosity about the basis for inheritance.
Modern genetic analysis emerged years later with Morgan's studies of flies.
Modern understanding of gene expression emerged with Jacob and Monod's work.
The Human Genome project promises to identify the genetic basis for many diseases.
How we will study this subject:
Classroom Instruction
Classical analysis techniques: Punnett squares, Probabilities
Chromosomes and heredity I: Linkage and Epistasis
Chromosomes and heredity II: Genetic Diseases, Pedigrees
Molecular basis of heredity: DNA and Gene expression, The Central Dogma
Human Genomics: Approaches and Implications, Ethics
Laboratory Studies/Field work: Trip To DNA Learning Center West at Cold Spring Harbor
Individual students will analyze their own DNA on a one-day trip to CSH!
Lab reports will involve analysis of student data and use of NIH databases.