Global Studies 9 Adv Topics 1 Of 2

Course Name Global Studies 9 Adv Topics 1 Of 2
Course ID HGS41QAT
Department Social Studies
Subject Global History
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 1.0
Special Permission No
Eligibility No restriction
Fulfills the following graduation requirements
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    This is a year-long course designed for students who have a passion for history. Students will be introduced to history through a variety of points of view and particular emphasis will be placed on primary documents and cultural artifacts. This course will cover prehistory to the 17th century C.E. This course also involves extensive reading and writing. Students who complete this course will be granted credit for Global Studies I and II. Any student who completed Global Studies I and II in the 8th grade should take either this course or AP Human Geography in lieu of Global Studies I and II.