Course ID HES11
Department Social Studies
Subject Economics
Can you take this course more than once? No
Periods per Day 0.5
Special Permission No
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  • Fulfills the following graduation requirements
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    Who should take this course?

    This is a required course that is taken after fulfilling the Global Studies and United States History requirement.

    What will we be studying?

    Introduction to economic analysis and its application. Among the topics studied will be: the theory of supply and demand, costs and revenue of the firm under various levels of competition, the factors of production, the stock market, labor, agriculture, the distribution of income, monetary and fiscal policy, banking, inflation, taxes, government spending, international trade and comparative economic systems.

    What will be expected of me?

    A strong emphasis will be made to use information and tools gained in the course to analyze contemporary real world economic situations. Therefore, the student is expected to master the subject matter and be cognizant of current economic events. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. There will be at least two full period tests or their equivalent each marking period. A departmental final examination will be given. A term paper is required. Class participation is essential. Grades will be determined by the factor mentioned and any other criteria the teacher feels is important.

    How is the course taught?

    Developmental lessons, collaborative learning, student debates, role playing and guest speakers will be among the teaching methods used. Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process.

    What are the completion requirements?

    A mastery of the subject matter to be determined by the teacher. Some of the factors taken into consideration in making that determination are: class participation, homework, grades on class tests and the final examination and good research skills demonstrated by a satisfactory term paper.