Talos Account Creation

Talos Account Creation

I haven’t received an invitation to create a parent Talos account yet. Where is it?

If you already checked your spam, junk and trash folders and you don’t have an invitation; it is because Stuyvesant didn’t have a current or accurate email address for you when invitations were sent out to parents.

To get a parent Talos account you must go to talos.stuy.edu and request an account.

Hit the "Request an account” button on the Talos website.

I DID request an account on Talos and received the message “your email address is already in use”.

What this does NOT mean:

·       Someone else used your email address and took your account

·       We sent your account to someone else

What this MAY mean:

·       Your email address was already in Stuyvesant's system when we sent invitations and you have either:

o   already received the invitation that was routed to your junk, spam or trash folder.

o   were not a confirmed parent in the DOE’s system, but we had your email through another means, so although your email address appears in Talos, we may not give you access to student data until you are confirmed, which we are working through as quickly as possible. Please be patient. Sending more requests or more emails does not speed up this process. 

If you still cannot find it, or mistakenly deleted it, then and only then please email the Help Desk, at help@stuy-mail.orgt, who can reset your account and password generating a new invitation. You are not able to sent multiple requests.