Fall 2021 Back to School FAQ

Fall 2021 Back to School FAQ

Do I have to come to school at 8am if I don't have a 1st or 2nd period?

Beginning the week of September 20, students may come to school at the start time of their schedule. They should follow the bell schedule on the school website at www.stuy.edu. Unless announced, we follow the regular Bell Schedule.

What time can I get to school for breakfast?

Doors open at 7:30am and breakfast is served from periods 1-3.

What do I do if I lose my MetroCard?

MetroCards may be replaced by going to room 225 to see Ms. DeMasi. Your old MetroCard will be deactivated.

How do I get the LIRR Discount?

Please follow the instructions on the school website at www.stuy.edu under the "students" tab by clicking "forms and policies" then LIRR". Questions should go to Ms. DeMasi at ademassi2251@stuy.edu. Students may get a form stamped in room 225 or 222.

Do I need to return a signed Out of Building consent form to leave during lunch and free periods?

NO. All students may leave the building during lunch and free periods. Only those parents/guardians who wish to revoke out of building privileges should return THIS FORM : https://stuy.enschool.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=192269&type=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_ID=448721

to room 103 or email to Angela DiCarlo at adicaro@schools.nyc.gov

When will I receive a pupilpath account?

Students received their Pupilpath account on Friday 9/17/2021; Parents with registered email addresses at school received them on 9/19/2021. If you still have questions, Email Eric Lin at elin41@schools.nyc.gov

How can I reset my @nycstudents.net password?

If you already have an @nycstudents.net account and you forgot your password, you may reset it at this link: https://selfservice.schools.nyc/

I don't have an @nycstudents.net account and I need a user ID and password and PIN. Where do I go?

Please fill out this form and await a reply from Mr. Eric Lin: https://forms.gle/8Kiaq1PQoDv874tp8

Once you have logged in, you will set your own PIN; we do not set a PIN for you.

How do I get an NYC Schools Account at mystudent.nyc?

The NYC Schools Account is a parent/guardian account. It is not a student account and we do not share the information with students because it is the controlling account for all school-based parent accounts. Parents/guardians may request the account from Ms. Dina Ingram at ringram3@schools.nyc.gov

How do I get a device?

Students may let their teachers or counselors know if they need a device (laptiop/tablet) to use at home who will refer them to the technology department. Students and families may also let us know directly by filling out this form https://forms.gle/niHqAbPU5Ld21A6Q9

I want to upload proof of my vaccination - how can I do it?

Parents will need their NYC Schools Account information as well as their child's DOE student email account and password. They can then go to the NYC vaccine portal to upload the proof of vaccine. For further more detailed instructions you may read this post: https://talos.stuy.edu/cms/pages/stuyvesant-blog/consent-covid-19-testing-andor-upload-proof-vaccination-nycsa-account/

If you have technical difficulties you can call 718-935-5100 or https://servicecenter.nycenet.edu/CherwellPortal/IT?_=72450b7e#0

How do I reset my stuy.edu password if I get locked out?

Students who lock themselves out of their stuy.edu email should email passwordreset@stuy.edu from an account that they can access (preferably a parent/guardian email address that can be verified) with their OSIS number to have their password reset. The CS department in room 301 can assist students after 10th period with in person in the CS Dojo. In the event a student is unsuccessful in the above, they can email Ms. Ingram at ringram3@schools.nyc.gov.

What do I do if I lock myself out of Talos or forget my password? (Student and/or parent/guardian accounts)

If you forget your password to your Talos account (student or parent/guardian) you can click "forgot password" and a new one will be automatically generated and emailed to you from mytalos.com. If your email provider's filters block it and it does not reach your inbox, spam, junk or trash folders; you may email Ms. Ingram at ringram3@schools.nyc.gov for a new manually set one.

Please note: If you enter a password incorrectly five (5) times, the system automatically locks you out for hours. This cannot be overridden by a password reset. It is a security feature common to many software companies. Do not attempt to reenter incorrect passwords.

What do I do if I lose my student ID?

Students who lose their ID after their photo is taken should fill out the lost ID form obtainable on the school website www.stuy.edu under "forms" or go to room 209 to fill it out. They will be able to pick up a new ID the following day. They will use a temporary printed ID for the day.

I missed the swim test at Camp Stuy; when do I take a make up test? After I take a make up test, when do I have to take swim gym?

Make up swim tests are posted on the Stuy Blog at this link: https://talos.stuy.edu/cms/pages/stuyvesant-blog/swim-test-make-dates-921-922-and-924/

If you fail the swim test, you will be programmed for one semester of swim gym either spring of freshman year of during sophomore year.

We've moved. My address is wrong on Talos/Pupilpath/NYCSA, etc. How do I change my address?

Please email Pupil Accounting Secretary, Ms. Carol Carrano at ccarran@schools.nyc.gov. She will assist you with what documentation is necessary to submit with a change of address. Once it is changed in the central DOE system; you will see that change reflected upon the next update to other systems. NOTE: We update Talos at least once per week as it is an internal Stuyvesant system; Pupilpath is updated by Skedula.io (the company) and pulls from the central DOE system and NYCSA is a centralized DOE system that syncs on the DOE's timetable.

How do I know where to go for my physical education class? The room numbers all say 380!

You can find a list on the school website on this list.

My parent account on Pupilpath says invalid authorization code. What do I do?

Email Eric Lin at elin41@schools.nyc.gov

How do I get on the school Wifi?

Go to ARGUS on your Talos account and follow the directions to enter your MAC address to request your device to be put on the list; if you make a mistake and need to delete a request, you must contact Mr. Lindsay at slindsay3@schools.myc.gov in room 273B to delete it (he also can be reached in room 209).