Year-End Schedule and Details for June 2021

Year-End Schedule and Details for June 2021

The last day of synchronous classes will take place on Monday, June 14. Final Exams in World Language and Math will take place on June 15 and 16.

See the school calendar at www.stuy.edufor June at


  • All assignments should be accepted by teachers through June 18 to close out Marking Period 3. Students should work with their teachers to prioritize assignments particularly if there are several missing/late. Students and teachers should work in partnership to submit the late work by June 18 so that teachers have time to grade.

  • Students who are working to resolve any NX grade(s) from Fall 2020 should make sure they are communicating with their teachers to submit their missing work. The goal is to have all work in by June 18 so teachers can grade. If there are particular unique/extenuating circumstances for a student, then the student should speak with the teacher to determine when the work can be submitted if after June 18.

  • June 15 - 24 , there will be no classes because of uniform finals, Regents, and NX resolution. There are no new assignments after June 14. Students will take attendance via a Google form sent from Dr. Haber each day.