Summer 2021 Research Volunteer Mentors Needed!

Summer 2021 Research Volunteer Mentors Needed!

It is April, spring is in the air and everything is returning back to normal! The juniors in our research program have been working hard to attain summer research internships. Most of them have been successful and have actually already started working on their assigned projects but many students still remain without mentors and their internships are in doubt.

This Regeneron Research program teaches students valuable skills such as learning to critically read and present data from professional journals. We further aid students in designing properly controlled experiments. The year culminates in a very exciting summer internship where students apply what they have learned to an actual project in a professional laboratory under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

We still need mentors in biology, physics, computer science, 

mathematics, economics, and social studies.

Please contact Mr. Jason Econome, Research Coordinaor, if you are able to volunteer your time and aid a student in a summer research project. My juniors are very bright and responsible young people and very much want to work with a professional this summer on a research project!

*original post 4/16/2021