Spring Elective selections end December 9th 11:59pm

Spring Elective selections end December 9th 11:59pm

The Program Office has extended the deadline for submitting elective choice selections for the Spring term until December 9th at 11:59pm.
Students should follow these instructions:
Log into Talos accounts (talos.stuy.edu) to make selections. 
If a student forgot their password, it can be reset by following the "Lost Password?" section when attempting to login. 
The username is each student's stuy.edu email address. 
To find the form, please log in to Talos account, find the panel called "Current Choices" and click the "Edit" button.
For course descriptions, please check the Directory on Talos, or use the Graduation Requirements view on Talos (you can learn more by clicking on rules and courses).  For special cases/circumstances, please contact the School Counselor.  For further technical assistance with Talos, please email programoffice@stuy.edu.  For questions about specific courses, students may want to contact the teacher or the department chair.

For Freshman, the elective option is Math Research Team or Science Olympiad. Please see the course description for Science Olympiad elective class for freshman and/or sophomores under the Biology section of this update. All other classes will be programmed accordingly. 

Upperclassman will select from dropdown menus in Talos. Students received instructions at their stuy.edu email accounts.

Any student who wishes to have period 10 blocked and/or free needs to submit a QZT-10 form! The form may be downloaded or printed copies are available in the Guidance Suite, room 236.

Even if students have very few or even no options, the Program Office encourages all students to please fill out the form so as to check that everything looks correct.  If there seems to be an issue, please email programoffice@stuy.edu.

The Program Office has observed many students selecting ZZP (No Preference) for electives when they mean to select ZZ (No Choice).  To clarify, ZZP means that a student would like a course for that rule, but they do not have a preference which one. This is helpful as it allows the Program Office more leeway to make the rest of a student’s schedule work.  However, if students do not want an elective, they should select ZZ. They should not select ZZP.