UPDATED: Report Card Distribution - November 1, 2021

UPDATED: Report Card Distribution - November 1, 2021

Report Card Distribution will take place electronically through email to student's stuy.edu email accounts on Monday, November 1, 2021 and distributed on paper in homerooms. Emailed report cards will be sent to all parents who have an email address registered with the school. If you (a parent/guardian) do not have a Talos account and do not receive the Weekly Update, it is more than likely, we do not have an accurate email address on file for you. In this case, you should contact Dina Ingram at ringram3@schools.nyc.gov this week to be added so that you will receive the report card email. Report cards are emailed with comments translated in parents' preferred written language. They are also uploaded to Talos accounts after noon on November 1, 2021 and viewable by clicking "grades" then MP1 on the right.

Report cards for the first marking period are letter grades that correspond to numerical ranges. Only the 3rd marking period grades appear on a student transcript. Grades are cumulative from one marking period to the next. There is no “CR” option until the final grade for the semester.

The grading range key will also accompany your report card and can be referenced below:

First Marking Period Grades


Excellent (90 - 100)


Satisfactory (75 - 89)


Needs improvement (65 - 74)


Unsatisfactory work (below 65)


Never reported


New admission. Student has not completed enough work to establish a grade.

P or F


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