PSAT on October 10th - All Grades have a Special Schedule!

PSAT on October 10th - All Grades have a Special Schedule!

On Wednesday, October 10th, sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT at Stuyvesant. 

No student needs to register. All sophomores and juniors may take the test free of charge due to the donation by a gracious gift of a single alumni donation.

For a handful of top-scoring juniors, this exam can be a game-changer that qualifies them to become National Merit Scholars. For sophomores,  it gives an accurate prediction of how they would score on the slightly longer (but almost identical) SAT. Learn about what the PSAT is directly from the College Board website HERE and sign up for notifications.

Doors at Stuy will open at 7:30am. All 10th and 11th graders should be in their homerooms for the test to begin at 8am. Students will not be permitted to enter late for the exam. The school day should begin at 12:14pm with a 1-10 period abbreviated schedule. Students should bring a snack or two that they can eat on breaks or in classes after the test. Lunch periods are also abbreviated. Wednesday, PSAT day is a NO TESTING DAY for ALL grades. All teachers have been instructed that NO Homework can be assigned for the night before the PSAT for 10th & 11th grades.



Freshman should arrive by 9:30am and report to the theatre for a special Wellness presentation with guest speakers from NY Center for Living! Thier time in the theater will include a panel of senior students, sharing the Wellness supports found in many of the student-run clubs. The program will also feature dance performances by Stuy Squad and Stuy Flow!

Seniors  should arrive by 10:30am and report to the 5th floor student dining hall for a special presentation from the College Office on Financial Aid for College. This is an important program for all seniors.