Program Changes -- what you need to know now.

Program Changes -- what you need to know now.

You can see all communication, instructions, and FAQs in Talos HERE:

Program Change Requests through Talos took place from January 22 through 25. The period to submit program change requests is now closed, as per communications from the Program Office throughout the week. You can view all communication and instructions on Talos by clicking the “Info” tab, then “Documents” and opening the “Program Changes” folder. Here is a direct link.

Numbers for “in-person” program changes will be distributed on Monday, January 27 at 8:00 PM, if necessary.

Only students with unprocessed requests at that time will be given a number.  An unprocessed request is any request that still has ‘Pending Approvals’ as its status.  Any request that has been approved or denied is considered a processed request, and no number will be distributed in those cases for in-person program changes.

The schedule for in person program changes at room 236 is below:

Seniors & Juniors

Tuesday, 1/28

3:20 PM

Sophomores & Freshmen

Wednesday, 1/29

3:20 PM

Counselors and Assistant Principals are diligently working to handle as many of these requests as possible.  If a request has not been processed yet, students will have a chance in person, and need not remind them via email.

Students will not be admitted to see counselors before the first day of the Spring term, as they will be handling program change requests.