Program Change Instructions for Fall Term

Program Change Instructions for Fall Term

Program Change Requests

As customary, On Wednesday, September 5th, for changes to address Errors/Medical Needs/Emergencies, students may go to Room 236 and speak with counselors during the school day.

For all other program change requests - Stuyvesant is implementing a new system this year. Students have already received instructions to their email accounts on making Program change requests through Talos.  Students with outstanding requests after Tuesday at 4pm will automatically be generated a number to attend in-person program changes next week. If their program change is processed by counselors and/or Assistant Principals before their in-person program change date, that number will be voided. These assigned numbers are non-transferrable and linked to their OSIS numbers. Student IDs will be scanned upon entry to the cafeteria for program changes.

Students may also request an in-person conversation for questions with APs and/or counselors through Talos, thereby generating a number to come to program changes. Small groups will be called by number to the cafeteria on the following days:

  • after school from 2-4pm in the following order:

For Seniors – Wednesday, 9/5

For Juniors – Thursday, 9/6

For Freshman & Sophomores – Friday, 9/7

  • Deadline for program change requests through Talos is no later than 4pm Friday, September 14th. All changes will be processed any changed schedules will be prepared for Tuesday, September 18th.