Mr. Sterr shares results from the AIME Exam 2019!

Mr. Sterr shares results from the AIME Exam 2019!

Mr. Brian Sterr shares that from their performance on the AMC exam, Stuyvesant had 80 students invited to take the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination). In particular, the following students made the Distinguished Honor Roll for finishing in the top 1% in the country on the AMC. Congratulations to all!


On the AMC 10: Allen Baranov, Rishabh Das, Benjamin Gallai, Jerry Liang, Maxwell Pang, Theo Schiminovich, Mario Tutuncu-Macias, Maxim Vaysburd, Maxwell Zen, and Alice Zhu.

On the AMC 12Milan Haiman, Robin Han, Ethan Joo, Nancy Kuang, Kimi Sun, and Hanna Yang.

Stuyvesant Received School Honors on the 12A and 10A for a team score of more than 400. Congratulations to

Rishabh Das, Benjamin Gallai, and Alice Zhu for their score on the 10A of 423; and to Kimi Sun, Milan Haiman, and Robin Han on the 12A for their score of 409.5.

On the 10B and 12B, we received School Merit for a team score of more than 300. Congratulations to Mario Tutuncu-Macias, Rishabh Das, and Maxim Vaysburd on the 10B for their score of 388.5; and to Milan Haiman, Ethan Joo, and Nancy Kuang on the 12B for their score of 391.5.