Haber's AP Exam FAQ!

Haber's AP Exam FAQ!

Dr. Haber's AP Examination FAQ 2020

Can I cancel any or all of my AP examinations and obtain a refund of the $94.00 per exam (if applicable)? 

Yes, you can cancel without penalty. You do not need to notify the AP Coordinator (Dr. Haber). A request for refund form will be sent out to students in June.

I am having difficulty with the Lockdown Browser on my Chromebook. I am concerned that I will have problems when I take the AP exams online. What action should I take? 

No action is required. The College Board will not require the use of a Lockdown Browser.

I self-studied for an AP exam. I registered using a waiver and was placed in an Exam Only section. Will I be able to sit for the AP exam?

Yes, you will be able to sit for the exam.

I heard that there would be no AB sub-scores for students who will sit for the AP Calculus BC exam. Can I switch my registration from the AP Calculus BC exam to the AB exam? 

There will be no AB sub-scores for students taking AP Calculus BC this year. The AB exam and BC exam are two different exams this year. Yes, you can change your registration from the AP Calculus BC exam to the AB exam. An email from the AP Coordinator with instructions on how to make the change was sent to all students.

My AP exam was scheduled during the late administration (week 3). Will I still take the AP exam during the late administration?

No, all AP exams will be given during the regular administration dates. Please follow the link below for the updated AP exam dates.


Can I still sign up for an AP exam? I understand that late fees would apply.

No, the College Board has steadfastly maintained that they will not accept new AP exam registrations. :(

Where can I find additional information regarding the upcoming AP examinations?

Follow the link below for more information for students on the AP exams from the College Board.