Final day of school Spring 2022 Instructions

Final day of school Spring 2022 Instructions

Monday, June 27,2022 is a full school day with extended homeroom. See the schedule at this link.

Students may return textbooks they are no longer using and devices they no longer need to the appropriate personnel either at the bridge or the lobby for books.

Seniors will receive diplomas in homeroom.  If you do not receive your diploma in homeroom, more than likely, you have an outstanding fee, textbook, device, etc. to settle.

Seniors should see the guidance below to clear your account and pick up your diploma:

Textbook return: Lobby

Fees (AP exams, lost book fees, lost charger fees): Room 209

Device return: Outside Room 209

Award recipients who missed Awards Night pick up certificates & medal: Outside Room 209

Lock fees or return of a taken lock: Room 103

Students who won scholarships pick up checks from either Room 105 or Alumni Association in room 101

Once you have settled outstanding fees/returns, you may go to the College Office, Room 225, and pick up your diploma. Take any receipts or confirmations with you to show the secretaries.

SENIORS: Please note that your email address will be deleted along with your google drive on October 1, 2022. Please follow the instructions in Weekly Update #41 or this link below to begin migrating your account information.