Fill out your Emergency Contact ("Blue Card") Information Electronically

Fill out your Emergency Contact ("Blue Card") Information Electronically

For families in grades 9-11--

Please update your Emergency Contact Information for the 2022-23 school year either using your NYC Schools account or using our electronic 'Blue Card' at
This service is provided by MyHealth.Us and allows the BlueCard to be updated at anytime during the year, notifying the school automatically.

Parents or legal guardians may opt-in and link their student’s emergency contact and medical information to the QR code on the new student ID. Scanning the student ID and entering the student’s 9-digit ID will allow first-responders, teachers and others to see only information submitted on the BlueCard and take appropriate action faster.

Any additional information, which is PIN and password protected, such as medical records, health diary, reminders and doctor information may also be stored and shared at a parent/guardian’s discretion with MyHealth.Us free of charge. The information is maintained HiPAA compliant and never sold or shared without permission. The student, family and first responders may contact MyHealth.Us for help 24/7 whenever needed.

*****If you submitted your BlueCard online last year or previously, you may update your information by entering your PIN and PW. Click Forgot PIN if need to reset.

If you did not create a PIN and PW, enter previously used email address when prompted or contact

Phone labels, wristbands and shoe tags are available for students at school either through the Athletic Office in 501 or Mr. Moran’s office in 103. Learn more at ​www.MyHealth.Us​; email ​Info@MyHealth.Us​, or call 1.844.411.4101. 24/7 chat and emails are answered