Fall Programming Course Selection April 11-April 27!

Fall Programming Course Selection April 11-April 27!

Dear Students,

This document contains instructions (with screenshots) and an FAQ which we will be updating live.

Course requests for Fall 2020 have opened (Saturday, April 11th, at 10:00 AM EDT).

REMINDER: Course selection is NOT First Come First Serve.  You do not get preference if you are the first one to finish your selections.

Course Selection will close on Monday, April 27th, at 08:00 AM EDT.

As part of a transition to a new major version of Talos, we will be shifting how we do course programming from “old Talos” to “new Talos”.  New Talos can be found at stuy.mytalos.com. When the migration is complete, it will move to talos.stuy.edu and replace current Talos. Currently, the only migrated feature-set is the course programming set.

On April 5th, to make your Programming requests, go to stuy.mytalos.com. Please click the “Login” button — your username is your entire stuy.edu email address (pstuyvesant10@stuy.edu, for example), and your password is your OSIS number.

Please change your password upon logging in.

You should see three tabs: Dashboard, Grades, and Graduation Requirements.  Dashboard is an overview, currently it contains your current choices, your schedule, and your course applications (see below).

The Grades tab has your transcript data, this is used for approving you to select certain selective courses.

The Graduation Requirements tab contains a table not unlike the one on Talos currently — red represents “not fulfilled”, yellow represents “in progress”, and green indicates “fulfilled”.  The course selection form, clickable from the table, will give you the options for the next “unfilled” rule in each row.

If a course is not showing up that you believe should, please consult the course’s eligibility rule, found by searching the course on the course list (located in the menu on the left).  If you do not qualify to request a course, but wish to apply, please find the section labeled “Course Applications” on the Graduation Requirements page and click create. This will prompt you to select a course, as well as enter the reason you would like to be considered for the course.  This will be reviewed by the relevant administrator.

No request is binding, no student is entitled to a course: this is a preference form.  We will do our best to honor all requests. Any course application approval is not a guarantee of a seat in the course — final seat assignments are pending space, and administrator oversight.

If there is an issue with the order in which things are being filled on the graduation requirements table, please click “Generate Default Fill-ins” — this will give the system a chance to redo the fill-ins and think it through some more.  If there is still an issue, please email us at programoffice@stuy.edu.