Fall 2020 Programs Released! Program Changes END on Monday 9/14 at NOON - via Talos by Students

Fall 2020 Programs Released! Program Changes END on Monday 9/14 at NOON - via Talos by Students

Student Fall 2020 schedules are on Talos now.  

The portal by which student may submit program change requests were available to different groups at different times indicated below:

Seniors:  Saturday September 12, starting at 9:30am

Juniors:  Saturday September 12, Starting at 5:00pm

Sophomores and Freshmen:  Sunday September 13, starting at 10:00am


*Please note, teacher names will not be made public until schedules are finalized.

Important Directions and Guidelines (Please Read Thoroughly):

  • All requests must be accompanied with a justification for the request. A justification allows for School Counselors and/or Assistant Principals to easily identify the purpose of the request, which will inform their decision in either approving or denying the request, or perhaps devising an alternative. The highest priority for a program change request will be given to meeting NYSED graduation and Stuyvesant requirements.
  • Counselors and Assistant Principals have the option in Talos to leave messages for the studnet upon approving or denying a request. The student may write messages to your counselor and to the Assistant Principals here as well. All messages can be viewed in Talos.
  • Since program change requests are to be exclusively handled through Talos, and messages are being posted and reviewed through Talos; extraneous emails will slow down the process of program changes. Therefore, upon submitting a request, please wait patiently until the request has been handled.

Do not send emails to the Help Desk, School Counselors, Assistant Principals, Department Chairs, or the Program Office regarding the request submitted.

The ability for students to submit program change requests through Talos will close on Monday, September 14, at 11:59pm, regardless of grade level.

The process to submit a program change request is very similar to the process to submit a request file change (during late August), and previous program change periods.

To do so:

  1. Click on the “Program Management Portal”
  2. On the right, click “Create Change”
  3. To drop a course, please click the corresponding “Drop” button.
  4. To add a course, please find the course in the search area in the lower left, then add the course to your schedule. The system will prevent you from submitting an impossible schedule through red warning dialogues after clicking “Add Course”.
  5. Upon generating the request, Talos will determine who needs to approve it. For further information on a change after creation, please refer to the “Lifespan of a Program Change Request”.

Please do not email the Program Office - They hae updated this FAQ