College Interview Tips from the College Office

College Interview Tips from the College Office

Our College Office shares information for many of our students who may be interviewing with your prospective colleges this fall.  For those institutions that require or recommend interviews, this represents a great opportunity for you to communicate both demonstrated interest and fit to the colleges to which you'll apply, along with the chance for you to learn more about the institution.  

How to arrange an interview, who will interview you, and how the interview will be used, will all vary as per the school in question.  This summer, make sure to check the websites of your prospective colleges and attend information sessions to find out those details.  You don’t want to miss the chance to interview where you can, or to have an interview sneak up on you unprepared in the fall or winter!

The attached pdf from Smith College includes some basic but helpful tips for the college interview process which should still prove helpful, as do the links below.  If you'll be interviewing this fall, check them out.$s (this is MIT specific; ignore the dates cited, it's from 2017, but the overall info remains great and much is applicable beyond MIT)

Some colleges are including free virtual workshops about college interviews, such as: