AP Registration Instructions - Deadline is Friday, March 22nd

AP Registration Instructions - Deadline is Friday, March 22nd


Advanced Placement examination registration is now open and will close on Friday, March 22nd. Students and parents received email from Dr. Gary Haber with instructions and details.

If you did not do so earlier this school year, all parents/guardians are asked to complete the "Family Income Verification" form. (Choose New York City Schools as the School District) Doing so may benefit all students insofar as Stuyvesant High School could become eligible for public and private grants. The form takes less than five minutes to complete. It is not a requirement to disclose income if so desired. Those qualified may be able to sit for the AP examinations at no charge. 

Please note the following helpful details:

  • The Advanced Placement(AP®)examination registration portal is to sign up for AP® exams, not AP® Courses.
  • Students enrolled in an AP class may sign up for the related exam.
  • Students who wish to take computer-based exams (all language exams and music theory) must be currently enrolled in the class to take the exam. There are no exceptions.
  • Students must get the approval of the department chair if you are interested in taking an AP exam for a course in which they are not registered (limited to one exam). Print out the AP waiver form from the registration website, or pick up a form in room 209. Have the department chair sign and then bring the signed form to room 209. Online registration is NOT available for courses students are NOT enrolled in. Registration will be done manually by the school

Department Chairs

  • Students who wish to take computer-based exams (all language exams and music theory)must be in the class.  There are no exceptions.
  • You cannot sign up for both Calculus AB and Calculus BC.
  • Juniors usually take English Language.  Seniors usually take English Literature.
  • Physics C - If you want to take both exams make sure you sign up for both exams – Electricity & Magnetism and Mechanics. These are two separate exams.
  • Please print out the registration form, preferably in portrait orientation, after you have submitted the information.
  • The registration form and a check payable to Stuyvesant High School must be brought to room 209  by the deadline.
  • Please place official class (homeroom) on top of the form.
  • Please do not place the form/check in an envelope; instead use paper clips to attach the form and check. Do not staple.
  • Place your name and 9-digit ID (OSIS number) on the check or money order.
  • All students who fail to take an exam in which they registered for will owe the unused exam fee and processing fee of $24.00.
  • Please check your confirmation sheet and confirm that everything is correct. You, the student, are the only person who knows exactly what exams you need and want.

Please follow THIS LINK to register for the AP examinations. Stuyvesant’s 2019 Advanced Placement Exam Schedule is posted on the school website HERE.